Any NatWest employees amongst us?

Dear NatWest CricketForce registrant, 

Please see below for a potential opportunity for your club to feature in TV commercial for NatWest.  Rogue are a production company in London who are in the early research stages of a TV commercial for NatWest. They are looking for picturesque style cricket clubs that take part in NatWest CricketForce and have a NatWest staff member affiliated with them. The term ‘affiliated’ doesn’t mean it has to be directly. Perhaps a Junior member of your club has a parent or grandparent who works at NatWest, or perhaps a club member’s partner or child works at NatWest, all these types of affiliations would be ok. Things such as holding a bank account with NatWest or having banked with them in the past, however, would not be what they are looking for in this situation.

The TV Commercial at present has no script. This is to be real people talking about their history with their cricket club and their involvement with NatWest. The TV Commercial will be based purely on the research they come up with and the stories of NatWest staff club members and their clubs that they are able to gather up.

If your club has a NatWest connection as mentioned above and you’re interested in this opportunity then please contact Sam Kennedy on this email address [email protected] or on 0207 907 1000.  Rogue are hoping to complete their research by early next week so if you are interested please contact Sam as soon as possible.  Best wishes,  NatWest CricketForce Team England and Wales Cricket Board : c/o County Cricket Ground, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0PX  Email : [email protected] : Web:

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