Fegan Blast’s Ewhurst for 6 wickets for a 9 wicket victory

Long Ditton went into Saturdays fixture against Ewhurst with a strong and confident side. After last weeks effort and a 45 minute changing room “tune up” from Nick Turnbull, The Hogs were fired up to correct some mistakes and right some wrongs. The weather was hot and so was captain Antonio’s toss streak. Captain Fantastic continued his “cash cow” run of luck and won the toss electing for his sides strength, Bowling first. Anand “material things” Desai was on time and the team warmed up well with intensity and it already looked a stronger and more focused side.

Desai was throwen the new ball and bowled a fast and accurate spell taking impressive figures of 3 for 9 off 11 overs including 6 maidens and no extras. Once again LDCC’s partnering opening bowler, Henderson, struggled to do anything what-so-ever exciting apart from a half chance at mid-wicket that Michael “things got rough” Hall couldn’t pluck from shoulder height. As a result off his Dwayne Levrock effort, Hall had to leave the field with a broken nail and looked un-able to bowl which upset captain Antonio. Antonio spoke of the matter after the game; “it was dissapointing Hally injured his hand an was out of the action. He has really been a reliable bowler and our “go to man” so far this season.” Gareth “gruffalo” Plunkett replaced the lack luster Henderson from the cemetery end and did not start well at all. Desai steaming in from the gravel entrance end really needed a reliable partner to bowl in tandem with. Plunkett was dragged from the attack by the cut-throat captain after 2 overs which went for 16. the openers showed a little resistance, with Desai cleaning T. Hollyers closet out eminem style with an easy decison for umpire Todgers. Step up LDCC’s star bowler as of late Adam “year 10 accusation” Hunt. As he has showen recently LDCC’s in form and strike bowler, dismissing wicket keeper J. Bradbury for a well made 0. Desai soon ran out of puff and the intelligent, on his toes Skipper showed why he deserves the “Captain Fantastic” title, by replacing Desai with Hunt after Hunts 1 over and bringing on Oli “delightful” Fegan from the cemetery end. Fegan got into his “delivery” stride, just eat style and dismissed opener Gilchrist, followed quickly by dirty sanchez star Pritchard. Hunt continued his consistency from the other end when the over described as the Oli Fegan “key” over took place. He started poorly going for 6 off his first ball which fired him up, taking advice from his spin coach, Henderson, at mid-on Fegan “let one breathe” to dismiss Santa-Ollala stumped by Nick “thames ditton” Turnbull. Santa-Ollala put himself and the rest of the spectators in an embarrasing situation as he stared at the player umpire at square leg bemused. Once explained that the “clause” in the cricketing rules means hes out, he soon stormed off back to the Pavilion. Out strode D Kerry to a fired up LDCC side. Fegan took some more advice from the wannabe spin bowler Henderson and dismissed Kerry first ball caught behind, great catch from Nicky T. A silence fell over the pavilion as they slowly calculated that this would be a hat trick ball. After nearly being timed out the unconvincing G Hutch strode to the crease to face the hat trick ball. Fegan steamed in and ripped the ball Swann style and unbelievably Hutch lashed at a wide one to be caught supposedly one handed according to Andrew Turnbulls photography, by Mike Hall. Simon Cook was chuffed and he screamed and grinned from ear to ear realising a hat trick had just occured before his own eyes. Fegan was casual as he walked towards the stampede off LDCC players. A few body gropes, bum slaps and possibly a few kisses the hat trick was complete, which also took Fegan to a 4 wicket haul.. But the fridge wasn’t finished. He soon completed his 5 wicket haul to an ecstatic celebration from his team mates. Desai mopped up the abismal Ewhurst lower order and Antonio made a regulation first slip catch look hard to complete both the innings and Fegan’s 6 course delivered meal of wickets. Turnbull was heard saying to Captain Antonio after his fielding effort; “Gosh Ian, you just never lose it do you?”. Fegan said after the innings; “I’m so happy right now. Gosh. Playing at home, suns out, 6 wickets.. Delightful. Now it’s time for us to chase this poor total of 114 and go back to my bachelor pad for a barbeque and some budweisers.”

Turnbull and Downey opened the attack for LDCC and everyone was confident in the top orders capability. There is not a lot to compose about the LDCC’s batting as it was short lived. Downey fell unfourtanetly early, middling one to square leg to be dismissed for 2. Out strode Simon Cook to what was a hostile fielding side. Simon had a little joke with the cordon and they warmed to the all round nice guy.. But not to Turnbull. One of the bowlers was heard by square leg umpire Henderson saying “he’s a good bat. Shame hes such a ****”. But his aggression was short lived as next ball Cook wasn’t such a nice guy as he smashed one to him at gully and hit him straight in the head. Turnbull treated himself to a giggle, but then switched straight back on. Cook struggled with some slow bowling and lost his head to fall for 22. Out strode Ian “grandstand” Antonio dragging a pro bat behind him. His proudest possesion. He got his eye in with a casual text book on drive for 4 and the two batted for red ink to get LDCC comfortably across the line. Turnbull continuing his form that has aroused clubs attention with a casual 58 off 63 including 12 boundaries. Turnbull spoke of his batting; “was a shame Andrew couldn’t hang around and take a few photos of me on the front foot for my middlesex portfolio, but i’m glad he got to see me keep wicket. It was like old times having him there supporting my love of cricket. Felt like I was 12 years old again. I’m glad to be in some form with the bat. It’s easy for me out there. I really want to keep up my form so we can get promoted for next season. My attention turns to tomorrow now, I have work at the YMCA, but I will be fired up again for Tuesdays T/20 at home. Cheers.” Emotionally teary-eyed Tom Bennett also said “basically I had a TFC today but it’s good to see my best mates succeeding. I love my friends a lot, but I love LDCC more. So to see the 1st XI get 20 points towards our promotion hopes, well its a little bit emotional. Sorry I can’t say much more. I look forward to tomorrow’s clash with Ashford.” Percy was unavailable for a quote today but was seen cheering the team on.

Attention turns to continue the from next Saturday against Carshalton CC.

By Ben “BJ” Henderson

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