Losses on Saturday 8 May, wins all round on Sunday 9 May

The First XI lost in the Cup away at Wallington on Saturday, whilst the Seconds were again at home, against Chobham. The Seconds lost in an exciting game, in the last over. On Sunday, the seniors carried on from where the Under 13s had left off, by continuing the winning theme. The First XI easily beat Chertsey, whilst the Seconds beat the Optomists on the very last ball of the game, in a very entertaining game, played in an excellent spirit. Kevin Langford made a superb debut in his first senior game, taking two wickets, a well judged catch and hitting the winning runs. Former Clubman of the Year Danny Cheema was thrilled with the start the Sunday Seconds have had to the season. Danny noted in the bar afterwards that some may be having to wait a while before they get a game – not often he’s had to say that with Long Ditton! Click on the Play-cricket link to the left to see the full scorecards of the weekend.

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