Info for Under 8s and 9s for 9th June

This Sunday, LDCC is lucky enough to have Surrey coaches visiting
LDCC for a couple of reasons. Adam Barlow, who has been taking the
9s recently with Rob, has been working with Surrey Cricket regarding
cricket coaching. On Sunday, Adam will be demonstrating coaching to
the person from Surrey Cricket. This is all part of Clubmark etc.

To assist in this, it would be great if those who were with Adam last
week could come down to the club to start 15 minutes earlier. The
Under 8s just need to come at 10.30am as normal.

On another note, as an experiment, we will be having a professional
coach from Surrey, working with us for the ones not with Adam. We
will do this for a second week as well hopefully, if all goes well.

Matches coming up: The Under 9s will be having matches against
Worcester Park, both home and away and a game away to Deando Ruxley.
The first game is a week on Friday, away at Worcester Park, starting
at 6pm.

Further details will be given on Sunday

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