2013 LDCC AGM – 13th December 2013

Agenda for 2013 LDCC Annual General Meeting


1.    Apologies

2.    Minutes of 2012 AGM to be agreed

3.    Chairman’s Report

4.    Hon. Treasurer’s Report

5.    Auditor’s Report

6.    Colts’ Reports

7.    Captains’ Reports

8.    Nominations and election of officers for 2012 season

9.    Any other  business

Minutes of 2012 LDCC Annual General Meeting 

Held at Long Ditton Royal British Legion



Nigel Hardy, Mark Lambert, Dave Oldham, John Parkins, Sylvia Attwood, Paul Mock, Brian Boxall, Laurence Hegarty, John Horgan, Margaret Boxall, Frank Boxall, Chris Neely, Claire Neely, Steve Williams, Frances Rogers, Tom Bennett, James Mumford, Paul Sweeney, Kevin Wylde, Jeremy Huntingford, Ken Day, Kumar, Tom Ormerod, Keith Taylor, Danny Cheema



Alan and Hilary Young, Les and Kinsey Bond, Michael Hall, Claire Black Neil Black, Kathryn and Tim Parkin,Tom Rogers, Michael Hall, Ian Antonio, Stuart Hinchliffe.


Chairman’s Report:

Nigel Hardy welcomed members to the 53rd LDCC AGM. Along with all club members, he paid tribute to Jerry Morton, who sadly had recently passed away.  A memorial service would take place in December.

Nigel told the meeting that Mark Lambert would be stepping down after 9 years as Club Secretary. Frances Rogers had been nominated to take over.


Captains’ Reports:

James Mumford gave a report on behalf of the 1st team. He stated that they had found the 2012 season much harder than last year. Availability had been a bit of a problem and had finished mid-table. James Chapple was the team’s most consistent bowler. Dave Downey was the top run-scorer for the first team. Danny Cheema reported that the Sunday Second XI was improving all the time and they had had a good season.



Colts’ Report:

Steve Williams reported that the colts’ season had been badly affected by rain. The U11s had played 5 out of their 8 league games, but that the other age groups had played less than that. He believed that had the U14s not had so many matches cancelled they would have been competing for the league title. Steve also said that he had attended a Mid-Surrey Colts Meeting, where special mention was made of Imogen Neely, as a talented cricketer. Steve stated that he hoped there would be 2 more club members who had passed Level 2 coaching, next year.

Claire Neely – Claire told the meeting that Long Ditton had entered a junior side in Darren Talbot’s Indoor Cricket League at Tolworth.This had been managed in the main by Oliver Neely. It had been very enjoyable, but also a steep learning curve.


Hon. Treasurer’s Report

On behalf of the Hon. Treasurer, the Chairman reported that the club had made a loss this year. Bar takings and food income were significantly down, due to the bad weather. The club also had to absorb the cost of repairs to the roof following vandalism. The nets were also refurbished and a portable net was bought. Whilst the club received grants for this equipment, the cost was not completely covered by these grants.

Monies held in the bank were generally healthy however and overheads were down. The Fuller’s Brewery Loan loan stood at £6,735.04, as at 31st October 2012. With the agreement of members at the AGM, the Hon. Treasurer proposed that subscriptions remain the same for the 2013 season. This was agreed.

The Chairman explained that the club should into an arrangement which gave the club tax relief. This was proposed by Sylvia Attwood and seconded by John Parkins.

The Chairman reported that Stewart Hinchliffe was stepping down as Hon. Club Treasurer. The Chairman thanked Stewart for all his hard work for the club. It was hoped that Laurence Hegarty would take over as treasurer for the club.



Hon. Auditor’s Report

There was no auditor’s report.       


Election of officers – the following were elected:


Hon. President: Les Bond

Hon. Chairman: Nigel Hardy

Hon. Secretary: Frances Rogers

Hon. Treasurer: Laurence Hegarty

Social Secretary: Steve Williams

Club Member: John Parkins

Club Member: Phillippa Bradley

Saturday First XI Captain: Ian Antonio

Sunday Second XI: To be filled


The meeting ended at 8.25pm

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