Latest Under 12s match report – not for the faint hearted!

Match Report: U12s LDCC vs Spencer B, Sunday 6 July 2014

It was bleak. In climate and outcome.

Spencer B batted first and scored a masterful 198 – 3.  Four of Spencer’s batsmen retired on scores of 38 (x2) and 36 (x2).  They generously rotated fielders in/out as Long Ditton were down to 10 men through injury.  One of their fielders caught his team mate out.

Long Ditton’s reply?   28 – 9.

Moving on from the low-points… there were some memorable moments amongst the hysteria:

Sean steamed in and raised our spirits with a blitzing of the stumps in his 2nd over, only to learn it was a no-ball.  In the 20th he got the wicket he deserved.

Ninthujan made his debut for the U12s and put in a sterling effort with bat and ball.

Hari bowled his heart out and was rewarded with a wicket as the ball sneaked almost unnoticed over the stumps taking the bails with it.

Guy, suffering from extreme hair loss, eventually stopped bowling no-balls and got a wicket (courtesy of the catch by Spencer’s fielder Tom).  Later he went on to make an ill-advised call, and is quite frankly lucky that Luke is still talking to him.

Aaron was on good form with the ball and joined the ranks of Jake, Adwait, Sean, Hari, Ben and Callum in making notable stops  –  thereby preventing Spencer’s score from entering the 200s…  Andy (Luke’s Dad) took on the role of restricting the ball from its frequent hedgerow destination, prompting the advice of “hands not feet” from Brian.

The drama of this innings (apart from the obvious run-accumulation) began in Ben’s 2nd over with the loss of the ball in poorly placed undergrowth.  Parents searched extensively without success and play resumed with Sean’s well-used ball.  In the next over the ball was found and reinstated but it was discovered with horror that Adwait’s Dad had lost his wedding ring in the search.  As the match unfolded and a CSI-like forensic investigation of the area progressed, Adwait’s Dad brought in gardening tools and miraculously found the ring – in the 20th over.  Heartwarming, best part of the day!

Faced with a monumental batting challenge, Captain Ben experimented with the batting order and gave everyone a chance to have a go.  Jake and Adwait in particular rose to the occasion.  Luke stuck around and Guy too – for a little longer. Hari was not out.  What a relief that Geoffrey Boycott wasn’t in the commentary box.

Thanks to Simon for scoring and Brian for resolutely declaring it a ‘learning experience’.

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