U13s Cup Report v Leatherhead

Match Report: U13s LDCC vs Leatherhead (Cup)

Chipping up at Tiffin’s sports ground in early morning sunshine, the contrast with last week’s playing conditions couldn’t have been more striking.  The scene was set for a perfect cricketing encounter.  LDCC won the toss and opted to field.

Ben and Sean formed the opening pair and the first two overs were supported well in the field – a good stop by Jake well backed-up by Cameron and an accurate throw in by Guy.  In his second over Ben struck gold taking the first wicket of the day.  Score 18 -1.  Following a cleverly tight over from Sean, and the curtailing of certain boundaries by Hari and Guy, Luke sauntered in to the bowling attack.  Working an inexplicable magic he did it again – just like last week – a wicket with his first ball!  24 – 2.  Picking up on the excitement of the moment Sean clean bowled batsman no 4.  Score 28 -3. Game on.  Little did we know what lay ahead when talisman Tommy stepped up to bowl in the 8th over, spinning his way to a wicket. 41 – 4. With a crisp, nippy breeze forcing spectators to turn up collars and search for rugs, and a strong batsman at the crease, Luke and Tommy did well to keep the scoring in check.  The 12th over heralded a double wicket maiden for Tommy – the first wicket aided by a fabulous catch from James, steady and composed as the ball hovered overhead for what seemed like an age to non-breathing parents; and then a casual rearranging of the stumps with the next ball.  59 – 6.  The merits of helmet-wearing were confirmed with Guy’s first over, as the in-form Leatherhead batsman took a ball to the grill, a little scary but thankfully no harm done.  Not content with his existing wicket haul, spin-ball wizard Tommy couldn’t resist helping himself to another wicket maiden – ending his spell with the incredible figures of 4 – 2 – 6 – 4!  Graeme Swann would have been very proud. Score 65 – 7. Guy and Aaron bowled in tandem for the next 4 overs with some great fielding by Jake, Adwait and Hari.  Even they couldn’t stop the wafting 6 off Guy by the batsman exacting payback for the knock to the helmet.    With a new ball required, Leatherhead’s outstanding batsman retired, the score at 88 – 7.  Exhausted by events, spectators couldn’t have expected further drama – this time provided in a sparkling assault by an in-form Sean.  Last over of the day – 2 wickets, result!  Chasing a final total of 101 – 9 it was LDCC’s turn to bat.

And that’s where the fairytale ends…

Openers Hari and Guy faced a fierce and fast attack.  Sadly Hari succumbed to the opening ball of the innings and Guy was joined at the crease very briefly by Cameron then Tommy.  The score 1 – 3.  Jake joined Guy and the pair put on 15 runs including a couple of boundaries with some good running before Jake was stumped.  16 – 4 off 6 overs.  Luke appeared momentarily before Guy found his most supportive partner of the day – Adwait.  Obviously the copious amounts of cereal for breakfast paid off as Guy struck a stylish and well-timed 32 off 29 balls sending six 4s fizzing to the boundary.  Reluctantly retiring he was hungry for more, and almost got it.  Adwait had stuck in against strong bowling and sharp fielding to face 32 balls for 4 runs, rewarded by seeing the score reach 50.  Ben claimed the crown of 2nd highest score of the innings with 8 runs.  Aaron, Sean and James featured at the end, with Sean sending a lovely 4 to the boundary to complete a personally good day at the office with bat and ball.   Final score 66 – 8 off 20 overs.

Thanks to coach (and proud Dad) Brian and scorer Simon.

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