Under 8s and 9s coaching for 2018 season

Coaching for Under 8s and 9s for the 2018 season will start with weekly coaching commencing at 10.3oam on Sunday, April 22nd. Payment for the season is £90 and should be paid through the All Stars Cricket link below:


The club will then join the nationwide All Stars programme, which officially starts on Sunday 13th May, after a very successful 2017 season. The coaching will then finish on Sunday 22nd July, as we will continue after the All Stars programme ends.

Junior players at this age group do not need any equipment for the first few weeks, before own personal All Stars kit is sent directly to the home of the young player.

Please not the timings are different to that shown on the ECB All Stars programme. Some of our volunteer coaches do not live close by, therefore have to spend time travelling to the ground.